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I AM | To muse, to cry, to play but above to bless | Page 5
  • By the way

    These are a few of my favourite . . . . (Church bulletins)

    These are a few of my favourite . . . . . We all have favourite things, but they...

  • Just in case it was never clear

    In case you missed it. Or my personality got in the way. Maybe I shouted too loud, chewed gum...

  • the humble apple

    The humble apple

    I remember growing up in Nigeria longing for apples. They were a rarity, a luxury and cost a fortune....

  • eyes

    My eyes and my heart

    One of my favourite stories from the Bible is the account of how Solomon built the temple, brought in...

  • A mystery jigsaw and God’s grand design

    A total of twenty two hours over 5 days spent on a jigsaw puzzle really does not seem like...

  • fitness newsletter 4

    K! Fitness News #4

    “Fun, celebrations, rest, now back to work”. This was the subject line for our first newsletter in June. (Apologies...

  • K! Fitness News #3

    The newsletter before the Queens Jubilee Weekend had some ‘not so’ good news. We had to cancel our ZUMBA...

  • worshipper at casting crowns concert

    Glorious day

    One day when Heaven was filled with His praises One day when sin was as black as could be...

  • worship at the big church day out

    Why does the cross change anything?

    Just got back from the Big Church day out, which is really not a day out, but a weekend...

  • pastor chris

    Fight! This is sooooo good.

    Date: Sunday 27th May 2012 Place: Jubilee Church Enfield Who: Chris Ebechidi What: Violence Pastor Chris, in his normal...