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I AM | To muse, to cry, to play but above to bless | Page 3
  • special offers zumba

    K! Fitness punchcards

    Classes for £3.50??? WOW! how? Save up to 30% on our Zumba classes by purchasing a K! Fitness 10...

  • usain bolt olympic reflections

    Everyone wants . . . a piece of the action

      Inspiration from the Olympics – 3 Day 15 and I get to be at the Olympic stadium with...

  • Spider’s legs and a God that cares

    I watched a spider in my bathroom this morning. And before you go ‘yeow’, it was not a major...

  • zumba website

    Getting listed on the first page of Google

    (article written for the Enfield Fit group on Facebook – where I have made lots of lovely friends –...

  • olympic reflections

    Killer smile, killer blows

      Inspiration from the Olympics – 2 Imagine swimming in the ocean and seeing a shark coming straight at...

  • Olympics london 2012 reflections

    I’ll be fine

      Inspiration from the Olympics – 1 ‘I’ll be fine.’ – the words reported to be said by Alistair...

  • Nigerians in the Olympics

    Olympic reflections

    It has been an epic period with over 10,000 of the best athletes in the world competing for over...

  • Nigerian and still proud

    We are coming to the end of the Games of the XXX Olympiad (otherwise known as the London Olympics)...

  • Kick up song

    Zumba – summer playlist

    We like to keep our Zumba® music playlist full of funky tunes with diverse dance styles. If you like...

  • enfield zumba class

    Zumba! special offers

    We enjoy giving you these special offers, so do come back regularly as we post special offers from time...