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What is play?

“All the world is a stage” a great writer once said. So everything is play. I remain a child, learning, exploring, believing, trusting. I don’t take myself to seriously, I am fragile, subject to events outside my control, subject to failures, to uncompleted dreams. I am powerless about tomorrow, about the weather, about how others feel about me.

‘Play’ remains the single most powerful tool I own. It has the power to decide how I respond to life. Because in every circumstance of ‘play’ the principle remains the same. Take the tools you have been given, recognise the skills you have, accept help from the people that offer, build, create, do not compete (life is not a game) . . . just play.

Too complicated? Just watch a kid at the seaside building sand castles, or your nephew with friends on the wii, or your daughter with her new tea set. Watch, learn, and never lose the power of ‘play’

I play