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To most people, work is not a nice word. It is a necessary evil. A compulsory process that has to be endured. Few people are able to break the curse of ‘work’. ‘Cursed is the ground because of you; in pain you shall eat of it all the days of your life;’ Gen 3: 17b.

I recognise that work is a discipline, that work can be difficult, hard and tiring. But I know life is really a bed of roses, believe me, I have felt and suffered the thorns, inhaled the sweet scent and seen it’s multi-coloured beauty.

It’s the same with work, it stings, but still I can find joy, peace, satisfaction, adventure and growth. So I like work, I embrace every single work experience I have. I enjoy. (well, . . . only on a good day)

I work

Spiral Web Solutions

Director at Spiral Web Solutions, a web agency focused on helping clients achieve their business goals using the internet and digital media. I work with a small number of selected associates to deliver web design and development as well as web improvement and website management services. My passion is helping clients integrate social media as a profitable business channel. My core skills in the organisation are leadership, creativity, strategy and project management.
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Director at Accendis Limited, a Project Management Consultancy, that undertakes a selected number of projects that require excellent Project Management skills. I enjoy rescuing projects that are at risk, building communication networks with stakeholders, users and owners to negotiate an achievable position where every party wins. My key skills in the organisation are project planning, understanding diverse requirements and designing solutions.

K! Fitness

Founder of K! fitness, an integrated fitness and wellbeing company. Born from a need to remain slim and healthy after turning 40. K! fitness is the vehicle that expresses my feminity, the art of being a woman, strong, secure, beautiful and well. My goal is to make this a wellbeing coaching academy where women are affirmed, inspired and motivated to be the best of who they are. We currently run Zumba classes for ladies


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