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I am Keno and you are . . . ?

Every person on earth is a unique blend of personality, experiences, talents and purpose.

Incredible when you think of it, over 6 billion people on the earth and each one uniquely created, uniquely loved.

As we embrace our own uniqueness, we allow others to be exactly who they were created to be. “I am Keno,” is my response to that concept.

Now our paths have crossed, this blog gives us both the space to muse, to learn, to bless and to share. Get reading, get writing, get involved.

Central to my life is the grace of God, expressed in Jesus Christ, so by default I am named a Christian. Brought up in Africa, my cultural heritage is Nigerian, more specifically, middle class conservative Nigerian. Hard-working, educated parents; strict but fair. My story is typical; boarding house from the age of 9, university at 15. Words I remember well are; ‘Ikebe Super’, ‘Nancy Drew’, ‘Joy girl’, ‘Chief Ajas’, ‘Enid Blyton’, ‘Sunny Okoson’, ‘Ten-ten’, ‘Tapping’, ‘Hibiscus’, ‘Ring road’. These words mean so much to me.

England at 26. I work for myself. You may describe me as a Project Manager, or more accurately as a Project Collector. I love projects, and I can manage any project going, from building projects to community projects. As long as it has a goal, timescales and resources, it will get done. And even without, I’ll find a way. Currently, I manage digital projects and run my own web agency.

I am passionate about fitness, so in my spare time, I am a Zumba Instructor.

I am curious about people, so if you move, have feelings and can talk, chances are you’ll become a friend some day.

I am committed to enjoying life, so once an activity is defined as fun, I’ll find time for it. My main hobbies are dancing and skiing. I like to tell people that I read, but in reality I don’t read that much, and I spend far too much time surfing the net and reading Facebook updates.

I love church, the worship, the meetings, teachings, laughter, conversations. It’s now a habit I never want to lose.

This blog is an expression of my life.