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Everybody writes.

Most people write privately. An indelible mark upon the notebook of their hearts using the pen of thoughts. Few people are able to get those thoughts from their heart and soul unto paper. Even fewer still can write in such a way that people take those thoughts from paper into their own hearts.

I am not 100% sure where I fall in the scale of talent. I don’t write because I think I can. I write simply because the thoughts get too much to contain within. Read on.

I write


Most of my articles are around the topic of Social Media and using the internet for business. I do have some inspirational motivational articles. Feel free to share. I only ask that you notify me if republished anywhere else. Read our articles.


And the funny thing is, I sometimes think that I do have some insights into life. But nah. Reality sets in quick. There is nothing new under the sun. I simply take something I have read, heard, and errmmmh. ermmmh, and offer my point of view, which again is not original, but an amalgamation something I have read, heard, learnt or experienced. Will you really read these?


I have tried writing short novels based on some of these plots, but never finished any. Lost inspiration, distractions, lack of self belief. Whatever. I never got a book published as an author. (although I have published a book) Feel free to use of of these plots for film or print. It may be a winner. If you do, I’d love to hear about it. If you would like to collaborate, get in touch. Read some of my storylines.


I reckon a quarter of my life has been spent musing. Taking a simple thought and extending it in ideas, fantasies, nuances and probabilities. I hope my musings are proof that my time was well spent, not wasted. Maybe if you read some?