Today is the first day of the rest of my life

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Today is the first day of the rest of my life

I wake up each morning and write those words in a journal.

It is truth.

Practising a way of living in the present is vital for our lives today. Like most people, the word for the day is busyness. Even when you are on holiday, we are busy. Even when we are out of work, we are busy. Why? Are we really busy, or have we frittered away our time on inconsequential actions that the precious little time we have left is too little to do anythig of worth.

So our busyness is really not a lack of time, but a deep gnawing sense of dissatisfaction because we were not able to do the things we really needed to do.

We did not spend that quality time with our spouses or children, we did not go to visit a sick friend, we did not read that book. We didn’t do this because we did nothave the time. Our mind protects us with the acceptable fallacy that we were busy whereas in reality, we wasted time on things that did not matter.

Every person in this world has 24 hours in a day. There is no one that has been given more. Perhaps I may be wrong.

How come then, that some people carry or achieve more than others, or some live a more fulfilling life, is it just a pretence and we are all unfulfilled and chaos on the inside. Is everyone just like me, waddling through the river making the best route, paddling frantically beneath the surface while appearing to glide along smmothly. Or has anyone really lived a ‘less busy’ life.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Writing these words is a start for me. It releases me from the tyrannies and failures of yesterday. I am free to start again, its a blank sheet of paper. It my get out of jail card. I am released in my mind from the chains I put around me. Or the chains I allow to be put around me.

God’s mercies are new every morning.

The knowledge that every day is a blank sheet of paper makes me concious of what I put into it

Makes me careful of how I start the day. if you wake up and continue life as a progression of yesterday, then you cary over all the worries, failures, incomplete tasks, and this colours your waking up. You carry over any sense of …. these hold you back, as they weigh down your soul, stopping you from creativity,

When you carry over victories, you tend to bask in these. living your life through a past victory, not recognising that you are stagnant and the current things in your life need to be overcome. i remember when I first started my business. once I achieved a result for a client, I took my hand off the plough.. and then back to square one. No each day is a fresh page.

How to live each day as the first day.

  1. Say it to yourself. tell yourself it is.
  2. meditate, take in deep breaths
  3. write a fresh to-do  list each day. I use a trello board
  4. don’t sleep without recapping the day write down, worries, successes, failures, places you messed up. confess the sin, if you are angry release it. if you were rude and incosiderate ask for forgiveness,
  5. be quiet before you sleep. these days we go to sleep having checked or writted a whats app message or facebook post… but let silence and emptiness be te last thhing on your mind






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