Food diary – Week One Jan 2013

//Food diary – Week One Jan 2013

Food diary – Week One Jan 2013


100g granola with skimmed milk
Crispy fried peppered squid
BBQ half rack ribs with chips and crunchy coleslaw
Chocolate brownie with vanilla icecream
over 2 litres water
Okay it does not make a good first day, buy hey it was New Years’ day and I had a business meeting so . . .


2 bowls red kidney soup
3 potato waffles with 2 sausages and grilled fish and ketchup
2 chocolate truffles
tuna mayonnaise on brown bread
3 fairy cakes and 3 scoops icecream — aaargh
1 glass ginger beer
1 glass orange and pineapple juice
over 2 litres water
Okay, another bad day, no excuses this time, just clearing up from christmas


2 potato waffles
1 sausage
Baked beans
1 fried egg
250g smoked ham and cheese tortelloni
over one litre water
not a perfect day, few calories but lots of bad stuff, am just clearing out my leftovers from Christmas


One large cookie
sandwich on white bread with roast chicken and mayonnaise
jollof rice
got given most of the above in meetings. Jollof rice was left over from Christmas


Jollof rice, noodles, fried chicken and colesalw
leek and potato soup
orange juice
less than one litre of water
again another large meal in yet another meeting


mince pies
tuna soft cheese and flat bread
2 fairy cakes
less than 1L of water
clearing out my fridge


over 2L of water
beans, mixed peppers and grilled fish
first day on sugar detox

see next 7 days

Lessons learnt
Avoid meetings LOL that’s a joke

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