Three easy tips for a healthy lifestyle in 2013

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Three easy tips for a healthy lifestyle in 2013

As the year draws to an end, and normality gradually resumes, we all start to look towards a fresh start in the New Year and inevitably, our minds turn to our weight, whether for health or beauty purposes, we want to get fitter and stay fitter and rightly so.

Here are my top three tips for the month of January.

1. Keep a food diary
Weight loss is easy, too many calories at the end of the day – converts into fat; fewer calories convert to weight loss. Food = calories, exercise reduces calories. Don’t let the diet gimmicks fool you. Its as easy as that.

So my first tip, is to be aware of what you put into your mouth, by keeping a diary of every single thing you allow down your throat, including water. This awareness is your starting point.

2. Get rid of the empty calories
After a week, go through your food diary and identify the empty calories in your diet. Empty calories add numbers, but do not give any (or limited) nutritional value. So get rid of the alcohol, pasta, white rice, bread, biscuits, cooking oil, etc or eat these sparingly.

You can discuss your food diary with a nutritionist or simply do the research online and find tasty alternatives to the stuff you need to get rid of.

3. Commit to a fitness regime
In the battle against fat, I personally think that food is the most important element, but to get fitter and to aid your weight loss, exercise in non-negotiable.

Your fitness regime could be a walk or run in the morning, a regular swim, a Zumba fitness class, wii fit or the gym. Whatever it is, make sure it works within your routine, and that you enjoy it. Ensure that you have some external motivation to continue – a fitness buddy, a reward system, exercising in a group or paying upfront.

See my food diary here.

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