Letters to Prisoner A

//Letters to Prisoner A

Letters to Prisoner A

Decided to write some of the random plot ideas in my head and leave it to you to vote. Do I continue writing? Is it rubbish? Let me know. Alternatively, if you like the idea, feel free to use it. Just let me know if it ever gets published, or filmed or . . . .


Andrew Biate is a 28-year-old known criminal waiting to stand trial for the murder of a 23-year-old girl. He is kept at the dreaded isolation block within Ogbe maximum security facility, tucked away behind the rickety roofs of the Egosa slum.

His only visits were from a mysterious young lady, Rita. She visits unfailingly every week. They chat together for an hour before he is taken back to his cell. Mostly he is moody and quiet; forced to listen, never responding. Then as the weeks go by and Rita keeps coming, he falls in love with her.

Filled with hate and revenge, Andrew’s one goal was to break out of prison, to kill the informant who put him in prison. Now he had a second goal; to break out, as Rita promises to help him, so they could start a new life together.

In the meantime, as the trial date approaches, Dr Okih, the prison psychiatrist is increasingly worried about Andrew’s mental instability, his ability to stand trial whilst the family of the murdered girl, worried that he may get away with a reduced sentence, pay hired assassins to kill him in prison.

As Andrew and Rita’s dramatic escape plans progress, it becomes a race against time. Will Andrew achieve the new life he wants for himself before the assassins get to him? Is Rita really who she seems to be or is she part of an intricate revenge plan?

This fast-paced story set between the prison cell and the outside world explores issues around hate, taking responsibility and forgiveness. You will find yourself taking sides before being shocked by an ending you never expected.

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