An open letter to my problem

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An open letter to my problem

Dear Problem,

I have no need to ask how you are, as I see you are alive and kicking and intent on making your presence felt for as long as you can.

That is why I have decided to write to you. I do recognise that you have been around for a while, and even though I don’t always speak to you directly, your ways are never far from my mind. I have never addressed you on this directly before, but seeing that we have been together a while, I felt it was time to acknowledge you and also to let you know what I feel about you and your persistent goal to be the most important thing in my life.

Firstly, I would like to tell you that your days will soon be over. In Nigeria, they have a saying that ‘no condition is permanent’ and although I have not lived a long time on Earth, I have acknowledged that to be the truth. Everything is subject to change, and you, problem, are no exception. It is important that you know this, as you expend a lot of energy trying to carve a permanent place in my life. No matter how strong you become, one day you will have to let go. That’s the cycle of life.

Secondly, also note that I will not be expending any energy or resources trying to find out if you were sent by the old wrinkled witch in the village or by the ‘blood-sucking demons’ that my ‘people’ believe is responsible for every problem. The Word says that a ‘curse causeless will not land’ and I choose to believe the Bible. I will not be blaming the devil, or his mother-in-law, for your current position in my life; instead I will scrutinize you under the power of the Word, apply wisdom and common sense and decide how to deal with you.

Also note that I do not intend to chat about you all the time. Honestly, you are not that important. My friends and I have much better things to do, like sharing our dreams and goals, reading books and having sensible conversation. In line with that, you are also not the sole purpose of my prayers. A one-liner to God is enough to sort you out. I will not be fasting and praying over you. Any spiritual discipline I undertake is to get me closer to God, so I can hear His voice.

Thirdly, I would really like you to know that my feelings are not based on you. Yes, I know you want to hang around and will probably do so, but I will not be unhappy or miserable because of you. Don’t remind me, I know you are a serious problem; yes, I know it may be difficult to solve you or get rid of you and yes, I know I may have invited you in, but hey, life is bigger than you. My feelings are within my power and come from a place deep inside where you cannot reach, so quit trying. I am ok and I will laugh and dance and sing. Deal with it.

Fourthly, I would also like you to know that I am working on a solution to get rid of you. I have committed my way to God and I believe that He has given me everything I need for Life and Victory, so I am not sleeping or as the religious people say ‘waiting on the Lord’ (another term, sometimes for laziness and indecision). I know the end of the matter, I will be victorious, so within this security and my confidence in God, I am pushing at doors and using tools at my disposal. I am not afraid of hard work or of taking a risk. My God is big enough to take care of me if I make any mistakes. Oh, and on that note, I am not running from pastor to pastor about you. I am not that stupid.

So now I have made my position and boundaries clear. From experience, I already know that you will not respect these boundaries and that you will try different ways to shake me from my stance.

To be honest, I sometimes feel very sorry for you, because you try so hard to control me. I must admit sometimes it does seem as though you are winning, but I get the feeling that you also know what a loser you are.

I don’t really have that much time to spend on this letter, but I trust it has been useful for you to see things from my perspective. I guess this knowledge will only make you try harder, which in turn makes the victory much sweeter for me.

And sadly, I must annoy you once again. Did you realise that your presence is really a stepping stone to my destiny? You really should check out the history books or personal biographies. Problems have always made a way to advancement.

Well, so long Mr P.

Postscriptjust wrote this after seeing a friend weighed down with problems, which made me think about my problems. What about you, what do you have to say to your problems? Or don’t you have any?

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