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Try the MOVband

Do you want to get more from your eating and exercise regime? Then try the MOVband, a simple device that measures all the moves you make in a day as well as the miles, and lets you convert this to calories burnt.

Unlike a pedometer, the MOVband does not only measure your steps, but tracks every movement you make. So you can compare your activity on various days, track calories expended and set goals to achieve daily or weekly.

Try it

Want to know how many calories you burn at a  zumba class? I will be giving my MOVband to a different person each week at my Saturday and Sunday classes (in October and November) and I will help you track your moves, miles and calories burnt for the session.

To book a MOVband trial, simply enter your preferred date in the comment box below or call Keno on 07958 004 739. Please note that it is one trial per class. See our classes.

How it Works

MOVband offers wearers of all ages an exciting and easy way to track their movement. The water-resistant MOVband is more than a pedometer because it not only tracks your daily steps and lifetime mileage…it also tells time – it’s the new age of pedometers.

  • MOVband tracks your everyday activity then translates this into true mileage.
  • MOVband tracks you when you walk, jog, run, dance, play and loads of other upper and lower body activities.
  • Every move you make is counted, not just steps.
  • You get a more fuller assessment of how active you are.
  • MOVband is easy to use.
  • YOU can use it for training or learn to be more active while you wear it in everyday activity.
  • It is a great addition to any exercise regime or healthy eating, weight-management programme.

Get one

The MOVband costs just £21.99 + pp. To order a MOVband, call or text me on 07958 004 739 or email

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