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Inspiration from the Olympics – 5

the best of men

The inspiration for this post is not exactly from the Olympics. It is from a BBC drama about the Paralympics, which today is 7 days away, so I figured it would count as a reflection.

So getting on with the post.

The jist of the drama ‘The best of men’ (watch on iplayer) is really about Dr Ludwig Guttmann, a German doctor who fled the Holocaust and found refuge in Britain working with the Spinal Cord injury patients. It follows the story of a few of these patients (William Heath – a fictional character) and Dr Guttmann’s persistence in getting them to live a full life.

In a particular insightful conversation, William was feeling down and depressed at his paralytic state, not wanting to accept his prognosis and future life in a wheelchair and burst out saying “God this isn’t my life”

Dr Guttmann replied saying “Do you think you make plans and life will follow them obediently?”

Somehow at the back of our mind this is how we think and hope. We want to see our dreams come true, we want to know and achieve destiny. We want to make our plans and prayers and we want life to follow them obediently.

Over 40 years on, I have discovered that it does not quite work that way. God in His wisdom gives us the ability to dream, to hope, to pray, to imagine our tomorrows. But does He promise us these tomorrows?

The Bible is an amazing book and you can argue for and against this very notion using scriptures in the Bible. God promised the Israelites a land of blessing, the majority of those who received this promise did not see the land. However, God also promises us the desires of our heart.

I struggle with preaching which promises that God somehow has to do what we say and make it all sweet and nice. That life falls in with our plans.

I have tried to observe a wide range of people, I have read widely, I watch documentaries, I go to church. I have seen two categories of people, the first who face what life throws at them with courage and determination and hope, and the second who moan and complain at their lot and expects the Pastors to pray it out, or the Government to solve their problems, or God to intervene while they sit and do nothing.

Let’s get real. Make your plans, but be prepared to fight to take the land, to fight whilst in the land and yes, it’s possible, even with all that, not to achieve your plans. That is life!!!!

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