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Spider’s legs and a God that cares

I watched a spider in my bathroom this morning. And before you go ‘yeow’, it was not a major spider with black hairy legs, massive body and bulgy eyes. It was an incy wincy brown little spider, which unfortunately had clambered onto my shower door and was trying to find its way back to safety.

So I stood and watched it for a while. It seemed to have realised it was in trouble and then spent the next 30 seconds frantically trying to work its way back to drier territory. Its little legs were working so fast. It seemed to anchor itself with 2 legs, while the other 6 tried to find a secure foothold, then it was just on one leg and the other 7 working hard. Then all of a sudden, it went perfectly still, for at least 20 seconds. Then it seemed to realise where the dry ground was and  started working its way to safety.

What a lesson. I should remind myself in the middle of chaos and deadlines and to-do lists, to stop for a while; pause, think reflect and maybe change my strategy. It’s all down to how I react in a situation.

However, as the spider climbed to higher drier ground, I realised (with a sort of evil smile) that there was one greater. Me. I had the shower in my hand and with one single sweep of my wrist, I could drown that spider, no matter how hard it worked, whether it panicked or had a great strategy did not matter. I had the ultimate power over that spider’s destiny.

Made me think.

God has ultimately power over my life, but I have power over my response to life and my efforts to overcome obstacles. God has spoken mercy over my life. He is not going to take the shower hose and drown me. So really, secure in God’s word, I believe that He has done his part. It’s up to me to use wisdom, effort and faith to live my life.

 Post script: What do you think? How did the story end, did I drown the spider?


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