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Killer smile, killer blows

Inspiration from the Olympics – 2

Imagine swimming in the ocean and seeing a shark coming straight at you, all teeth showing. Would you think, ‘that’s a killer smile,’ or would you know ‘that’s a killer bite.’ I have no doubt what would be in your mind.

But in the London 2012 Olympics, both are combined in the person of Nicola Adams, my favourite Olympian by a mile. I hadn’t seen any of Nicola’s fights before I watched her post-fight interview, and my first though was, ‘what a smile.’ It starts from her eyes, totally expresses her heart and shows in her voice. She had just won the boxing semi-finals, totally demolishing a 5-time world champion and in my naiveity I trusted the smile, until I saw the match. Nicola Adams (butter-can’t-melt-in-her-mouth genuine smile, blah-blah) packs a killer punch.

She lands those punches with intent, force and deadly accuracy. She is clear about the opposition and fights to win. Jekyll and Hyde? I always thought a nice person, was just that; nicey, smiley, caring and without a bite.

Nicola Adams won GOLD in the Women’s Fly (51kg)

Nicola reminds me that ‘the Kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force’. I still don’t understand that scripture fully, but I know that my heart is for Christ, my soul, my prayers and worship are a big smile before God. But bring on the opposition and watch me punch. I’ve gotta learn to attack ‘the little foxes that spoil the vine’, any obstacles in my way (most likely my own attitudes, not people). I truly can be mean, green and cuddly. Bring on the fight!.

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