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I’ll be fine


Inspiration from the Olympics – 1

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‘I’ll be fine.’ – the words reported to be said by Alistair Brownlee, when doubts were cast over his ability to recover from his injury and run in the Olympic triathlon. Words that echoed the widow at Zarephath, when left with a dead son at home, said ‘It is well,’ to everyone and continued on her way, seeking a solution to the issue.

Alistair’s story inspires me not to moan about my challenges, but to face them squarely with no doubt in my mind that I will be fine. It is well.

Alistair had a horrific injury in January when he ruptured his Achilles tendon. He and some mates built a pool in his back garden so he could keep training. Even in March, he was not walking properly and still said, ‘I will be fine.’ He placed his trust in medical staff, in his coach and everyone around him and never doubted that he would be fit enough to run the triathlon.

Alistair got GOLD in the London 2012 Olympics after swimming 5K, cycling 45K and running 10K.

So what about us? Life throws out challenges to everyone. Do you have an attitude that says ‘I will be fine.’? Do you have the wisdom to identify the resources that can help and support you, the tenacity to hold on, and the ability to put in the hard work required?

If you don’t have these, walking around confessing and saying ‘It is well,’ or ‘I will be fine,’ is simply just wishful thinking.

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