Olympic reflections

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Olympic reflections

Olympic reflections

image credits: London 2012

It has been an epic period with over 10,000 of the best athletes in the world competing for over 900 medals. Most of the time and for most of us, the Olympic games have been viewed from the comfort of our sofas or from our mobile devices. Social media has been awash with tweets, status updates and photos.

New names have been learnt, new heros, new records. We have shared stories, cheered together, cried with athletes, rejoiced with winners.

These Olympics have been so significant and every day brings a new insight, every athlete’s interview has contained nuggets of wisdom for faith, for business, for life.

As someone who got momentous life inspiration from a Michael Jackson concert, I decided to write a series of posts over the next 16 days to outline my own reflections of the games. At the end of the day, when the dust is settled, we all return back to our daily lives and routine. For me, its not just about celebrating Team GB and the London 2012 games, it’s really about how this helps my own race, what lessons I have learnt, what inspiration I have received. Thankfully, there has been loads.

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