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rainbowI have had a few busy days lately, one of those seasons when everything seems to load at once. Family, Church, Work, Zumba, it has all been quite hectic.

But guess what I have learnt?. ‘What does not kill you, – Makes you stronger’.

I feel really expanded by the pressure, I feel I have grown stronger muscle and can handle just a bit more than I could previously.

I am so grateful to God for keeping me calm during the storm, for giving me joy and peace.

I really love that life is not predictable, that there are busy times, hard times and quiet times. The busy times help me appreciate the quiet times. To everything there is a time and a season.

So as I think over the last few days and where I am now, I take time to rejoice with those whose lives are ticking on smoothly, uneventfully. I celebrate with those who celebrating something extra special like a new baby or a new job. I think and empathise with those who are going through pain, with those who have recently suffered loss, or those who are really struggling with uncertainty and confusion.

But our confidence is this. No matter your season. God remains the same. He is a Rock and a Shelter to all.


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