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One of my earliest memories of TV was a skinny scrawny looking sailor, who always seemed to have a can of spinach (somehow falls out from his shirt) with a sense of pomp and heroisim, he swallows the spinach and becomes almost superhuman, and becomes the hero of the day.

It’s only now that I actually realise it was a can of spinach. Back then, I didn’t care. I don’t even think I wondered what the contents of the can were. Popeye was my funny, brave, sailor-hero.

Today however, I am not writing about Popeye, my focus is on the contents of the can – spinach. I bet everyone knows that Spinach is good. Its a vegetable, its green, its got to be good. Did you know that it had calcium, folic acid, vitamin K and iron as well as vitamin C, fiber, carotenoids, lutein and bioflavanoids.


Spinach has numerous proven health benefits. Reading through the list below should inspire you to add this power green into your diet. It:

  1. promotes a healthy nervous system
  2. helps control cancer (particularly lung, prostrate, breast)
  3. protects arteries, helping to prevent hearts disease
  4. prevents cataracts
  5. aids digestion and prevents constipation
  6. helps to regulate inflammation
  7. maintains low blood sugar
  8. helps with blood pressure
  9. strengthens bones and
  10. promotes healthy glowing skin

Hmm, I love it

So how do we get loads of spinach into our diet? boil or cook it, and you lose loads of its great nutrients, steaming is better, but still, you lose key nutrients. Raw in salads is best, but really how much can you devour. If I said to you that I regularly consume 2 -3 bags of raw baby spinach per week, would you want to know more?

Raw power

I recently visited a friend who had been to a Dale Pinnock seminar. Dale looks at foods and aims to “provide simple and enjoyable tools to move us towards better heath, with a full belly and a smile on our face.” He recently had a ‘clear skin’ tour showing what foods contribute to the health, beauty and vitality of our skin.

She had bought his book, The Clear Skin Cookbook and I was simply browsing through when I discovered what I termed the ‘Powerfully Green’ recipe, an easy delicious way to get spinach into your daily diet.

Get the recipe here
Thanks to FT for introducing this to me.

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