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Musings | I AM


  • What should be my first post in 2013?

    I remember as a young child, watching futuristic sci-fi movies set in the year 2013. Now I live in...

  • An open letter to my problem

    Dear Problem, I have no need to ask how you are, as I see you are alive and kicking...

  • christian life

    A pick-me-up poem

    (Thanks to Andree Warnock for allowing me to share this) Let love and mercy Never leave me Your wisdom...

  • Calm in turmoil

      Ecclesiastes: Written by one of the wisest men. Verses that dance along the path of life. Following a...

  • none

    We keep making these plans as the list grows get the clothes wash the car see mum We keep...

  • the best of men

    The best of men

    Inspiration from the Olympics – 5 The inspiration for this post is not exactly from the Olympics. It is...

  • Olympics reflections

    TDD – the next syndrome?

    Inspiration from the Olympics – 4 The word ‘syndrome’ connotes symptoms in a person (usually medical) that are noticed...

  • olympic reflections

    Killer smile, killer blows

      Inspiration from the Olympics – 2 Imagine swimming in the ocean and seeing a shark coming straight at...

  • Olympics london 2012 reflections

    I’ll be fine

      Inspiration from the Olympics – 1 ‘I’ll be fine.’ – the words reported to be said by Alistair...

  • Nigerians in the Olympics

    Olympic reflections

    It has been an epic period with over 10,000 of the best athletes in the world competing for over...