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Insights | I AM


  • Olympics reflections

    TDD – the next syndrome?

    Inspiration from the Olympics – 4 The word ‘syndrome’ connotes symptoms in a person (usually medical) that are noticed...

  • Spider’s legs and a God that cares

    I watched a spider in my bathroom this morning. And before you go ‘yeow’, it was not a major...

  • I shall not be made fat!

    Repeat after me, ‘I shall not be made fat’; ‘I shall not be made fat’; ‘I shall not be...

  • You! love it.

    ‘You’ This has to be one of my favourite responses in the Bible. I imagine the face of the...

  • eyes

    My eyes and my heart

    One of my favourite stories from the Bible is the account of how Solomon built the temple, brought in...

  • A mystery jigsaw and God’s grand design

    A total of twenty two hours over 5 days spent on a jigsaw puzzle really does not seem like...

  • self esteem bible

    A glimpse into Saul

    Have you wondered like me, why Saul fell short of God’s standards after such a promising start? I found...

  • my help

    Ebenezer – a name I love

    Looking back on my path of life I see a crooked meandering road. A dusty road in places; hard...

  • camel

    The two goats – one burnt, one set free

    Tucked into three obscure verses in the onerous book of Leviticus is a short story that has dominated my...

  • david sat

    Words, breakfast and a response that works

    ‘Words words words, I’m too sick of words, I get words all day long first from him, now from...