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My blog

Most people write privately. An indelible mark upon the notebook of their hearts using the pen of thoughts. Few people are able to get those thoughts from their heart and soul unto paper. Even fewer still can write in such a way that people take those thoughts from paper into their own hearts. I am not 100% sure where I fall in the scale of talent. I don’t write because I think I can. I write simply because my thoughts get too much to contain within.
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i write / My book - an anthology

The Black Church in the 21st Century

The Black Church in the 21st Century is an anthology edited by myself and Joe Aldred. The book provides an exciting and fresh look at the key issues facing the Black Church Movement in Britain today, representing a bold attempt for scope and analysis.
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i write / Monthly magazine column

Keep the Faith

I was asked to write a monthly column in the Keep the Faith magazine. A publication aimed mostly at the Black community in general and Christians in particular. My column is aimed to educate, inform and inspire Entrepreneurs.
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i work / Spiral Web Solutions

Spiral Web Solutions

The digital agency I run takes up most of my time, but I love it. We have built over 80 websites and have about 50 clients on our books, from new business start-ups to multi million national companies. My team and I help our clients by providing them with a range of online platforms (mainly websites) and online marketing strategies.

We have delivered successful projects in branding, system architecture, software and database development, social media marketing and search engine optimisation.

We have capacity to work with new clients and we are actively looking for new business.
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i inspire / 53 hacks

53 hacks

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i am keno / weirdly wonderful


Thank you for stopping by. Every person on Earth is a unique blend of personality, experiences, talents and purpose. Incredible when you think of it, over 6 billion people on the Earth and each one uniquely created, uniquely loved. As we embrace our own uniqueness, we allow others to be exactly who they were created to be. "I am Keno," is my response to that concept.